Five unique musical characters

Bernadette Meyer (Voice), Christina Grünewald (Voice and Piano), Susanne Hauskencht-Gemenig (Voice), Ewald Gemenig (Voice and Percussions) and Cello.

Christina Grünewald

- Voice and Piano-
  Bernadette Meyer

- Voice -
Christina Grünewald is a musician and singer from passion
- Responsible for the arrangements of the songs for Mystic Dreams (Four Voices, Cello and Piano)
- Singer and Key's in different formations
- A piano teacher at the "Tasten Klasse" (
  Bernadette Meyer studied singing at the Academy of Music in Saarland
- Singing teacher of BE MEY VOCAL STUDIO (certified IVA - teacher)
- Soprano and a scholarship from the Richard Wagner Association
- Lecturer at the Music School in Püttlingen
Susanne Hausknecht-Gemenig

- Voice -
  Ewald Gemenig

- Voice und Percussions -
Susanne is a singer with a beautiful alto voice
- Sets musical accents with the tambourine
- Sings in the voice pitch Old
- Has choral experience
  Ewald Gemenig is amateur musician and all-rounder
- Sings in the vocal range Bass
- Has choral experience
- Plays various percussion instruments and guitar